Bonjour from Paris !

My name is Jean-Pierre Jumez. I am the Editor-in-Chief of both EDIT translation agency and its cousin bank-holidays.com (a unique site that lists all “business world’s No-Go Days”
Our team specializes in international communication and will dedicate all skills and energy to get your message across, whatever the language.

Since 1993, EDIT has built up and spread out across the world a brilliant family of engineers, doctors, diplomats and specialists in all sorts of fields who translate texts associated with their professions.

Our journalists and editors then come in to “get the message across “at local level.

Not only our extensive use of the World Wide Web (we were the European pioneers in this) but our complete knowledge of printing processes means we can do everything needed to provide a flexible service, free from hitches.

Our 24/7 concept means we can deal with the most fearsome of challenges, whether it’s a full translation of the maintenance manual for a Boeing 747 within 20 days (something that used to take six months), the transposition, overnight, of a crucial legal plea or drafting multiple language emergency press releases as situations develop, we can handle it.

And the result? Accuracy and speed!

We serve large accounts, institutions and export departments: hosting, design, translation (including international search engine submission). Our extensive network guarantees the best reactivity, whatever the field. We can also use our network for international operations (press campaigns, contact with distributors or partners…). We also deal with desktop publishing, including in Asian and Semitic languages.

EDIT’s headquarters are conveniently located in Paris, next to the Champs-Elysées, halfway between the offices of the International Herald Tribune (edited in Paris, printed in 21 cities worldwide), UNESCO and the OECD.

One of the highest concentrations of international talents in the worldcan be found in this area, completing EDIT’s immense roster.

This is the guarantee that your international communication will be handled by top-notch professionals, selected by EDIT, one of the world’s first Web translation agencies, serving business and professional needs since 1993.

Come and meet our fascinating multicultural staff!

EDIT – Easy Does I.T. – Internet & Translation
16 bis rue d’Odessa
Boite 37
75014 Paris, France
Tel: +331 42 68 18 14
Fax: +331 42 68 18 16
E-mail : [email protected]

A registered company with capital of € 38,112